Power Analyzers

Tektronix power analyzers are optimized for fast, accurate, and complete testing of power conversion efficiency, energy consumption, and electrical performance to the latest regional and international standards, including Level VI, Energy Star, CEC, IEC/EN, CQC, and more.

Whether you need a multi-channel solution for testing efficiency and other critical power parameters on multiple stages of power conversion systems such as AC-DC power supplies, battery chargers, LED drivers, UPS systems, inverters, converters, PWM motor drives or a simple single channel solution for testing energy consumption, input harmonics and standby power on home and office appliances, Tektronix Power Analyzers along with powerful PWRVIEW software suite makes an ideal solution for testing today’s high-efficiency products and designs.

PA1000: 1 Phase Power Analysis
Starting Price - ₹ 274,000
  • Energy Consumption Testing
  • Current Harmonics – IEC61000-3-2
  • 5mW Standby Power – IEC 62301
  • Default power integrator mode for consumption test
  • Smart auto-up ranging for handling variable loads
  • Calculate ‘dollar savings’ value for energy in real time with formula function
  • Wide power range (5 mW to MWs) supports a variety of loads
  • 1 A shunt for measurement down to 20 µA
  • Industry-leading standby power testing to 5 mW
  • Default applications for easy and repeatable setup
PA3000: 1 & 3 Phase Power Analysis
Starting Price - ₹ 650,000
  • 1 to 4 Channels for Efficiency Testing
  • 0.04% Accuracy; 1Mhz Bandwidth
  • 10mW Standby Power – IEC 62301
  • IEC62301 standby power compliance down to 10 mW
  • LEVEL VI (EPS) efficiency testing
  • Energy Star, CEC and CQC testing
  • MIL-1399 Current Harmonics testing
  • Future-proof accuracy and resolution
  • Harmonic bandwidth and sampling rate you need
  • Default applications for easy and repeatable setup
  • 16 bit A/D for high resolution
  • High basic accuracy: 0.04% on volts and amps