Source Measurement Unit

The Source Measure Unit (SMU) is an instrument that can precisely source voltage or current and simultaneously measure voltage and/or current. All into a single, tightly synchronized instrument in a compact form factor. And SMUs don’t compromise on accuracy because of the multiple functionality either. In fact, due to the measuring instrument’s versatility and high accuracy performance, SMUs are considered more useful than the combination of any of the five instruments.

SMU 2400 Series: New Touchscreen UI
Starting Price - ₹ 358,000
  • Ideal for Bench or Production
  • Source up to 10A Pulse, 200V, 1000W
  • Measure down to 10fA, 100nV
  • 6½-digit resolution precision source and measure
  • 1 MSamples/s digitized measurement speed
  • Current: 10nA to 7A DC, 10A Pulse
  • Voltage: 200mV to 200V
  • Power: Up to 100W DC to 1000W Pulse
  • Five-inch touchscreen with carefully-designed color combination and screen layout
  • Easy navigation and one-level-deep menu and settings
  • 27.5 million data memory with time stamps all viewable on the instrument
SMU 2600B: Ideal for Production
Starting Price - ₹ 630,000
  • Ideal for Bench or Production
  • Source up to 10A Pulse, 200V, 200W
  • Measure down to 0.1fA, 100nV
  • High speed embedded programing
  • Up to 2 channels in the same footprint
  • Highly accurate 100 µs pulse expanding DC production test capabilities
  • Eliminates time-consuming bus communications to and from the PC
  • Advanced data processing and flow control
  • Versatile prober/handler control
  • Supports <500 ns channel-to-channel synchronization
  • Up to 32 SMUs or 64 independent SMU channels
  • Single or dual channel options
SMU 2606B: High Density SMU
Card image cap
Starting Price - ₹ 1,890,000
  • Four channels in 1U form factor
  • Stackable; no thermal spacing requirements
  • Measure down to 100fA, 100nV
  • Connect up to 32 TSP-Link nodes or 64 independent SMU channels
  • 0.015% basic measure accuracy
  • 6 1/2 digits resolution
  • 100nA low current range with 2pA sensitivity
  • 8-pin Phoenix analog and 25-pin digital I/O connectors
  • TSP script code compatible with Instrument 2602B SourceMeter
  • Get 3 times more channels occupying the same amount of rack space
  • No additional 1U thermal spacing required
  • Easy to stack and rack
SMU 2650 Series for High Power
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Starting Price - ₹ 1,990,000
  • Source up to 50A Pulse, 3000V, 2000W
  • Measure down to 1fA, 1uV
  • Connect two for 100A current source
  • 1us, 18-bit sample rate
  • Source or sink (2657A) up to 180W of DC or pulsed power (±3000V@20mA, ±1500V@120mA)
  • Built-in web browser based software
  • TSP (Test Script Processing) technology
  • TSP-Link channel expansion bus
  • Compatible with Model 8010 High Power Device Test Fixture and Model 8020 High Power Interface Panel
  • Optional ACS Basic semiconductor component characterization software
  • Free Test Script Builder software tool